Phono Fans!
Mark those calenders, our next weekend opening has been announced!
Remember we are open Tuesday-Thursday from noon til 5PM now!
This week we will also be open Saturday the 22nd from 10am til 2pm by request of some very nice folks who couldn’t make it out last weekend!
Dal and and the Phono Dudes!

Phono Fans!

Mark those calenders, our next weekend opening has been announced!

Remember we are open Tuesday-Thursday from noon til 5PM now!

This week we will also be open Saturday the 22nd from 10am til 2pm by request of some very nice folks who couldn’t make it out last weekend!

Dal and and the Phono Dudes!


Hey you!

There is some groovy stuff coming your way this Saturday from your homies at Phono Select Records, Test Pattern Records and Punch and Pie Productions!

First thing you should do is head over to 4370 24th st unit O because Phono Select will be open Saturday from 10am to 2pm for your vinyl and music shopping pleasures then later that night there is one heck of a indie pop extravaganza over at Luigi’s Fungarden, one of our favorite Sacto bands Soft Science is having a record release show along with some of our other favorite Sacto bands  Desario and Celestions!

See how much we love you, we planned out your entire Saturday for with plenty of nap time in between the fun!

Just in case you wondering what wonderful nuggets of vinyl gold hit the racks this weekend here is a partial list, you’ll have to come down to the shop to see the whole bonanza!

7” Vinyl
Escorbuto Crónico – ‘Documentación’ (Spanish Punk 82 repress)
Automatics – ‘When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again’ (UK 78 Punk/PowerPop repress)
P-Nissarna – ‘Jugend’ (Swedish 80s punk/HC repress)
The Rings– ‘I Wanna Be Free’ (UK 77 punk/protopunk repress)
Rudi – ‘When I Was Dead’ (Irish 1981punk repress, Dal favorite)
Television Personalities – ‘Where’s Bill Grundy Now?’ (UK 78 punk/indie DIY repress)
Riff Raff – ‘I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut’ (UK 78 punk repress, feat Billy Bragg)
Outcasts, The – ‘Just Another Teenage Rebel’ (Irish 78 punk classic, repress)
Spitfire Boys – British Refugee (Fan Club repress/ UK 77 punk, first band for members of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Siouxie and the Banshees)
Blitz– All Out Attack E.P.(UK 81 punk /Oi! Classic must have, repress)
The Partisans– Police Story / Killing Machine (UK 81 punk /Oi! Classic must have, repress)
Pointed Sticks – What Do You Want Me To Do? (Canadian 78 punk/powerpop, repress)
The Master’s Apprentices – Undecided / Wars Or Hands Of Time  (Aussie 1967 garage classic repress w/PS the b-side is beyond awesome )
The Spy’s – Underground (Canadian 1980 punk/powerpop/rock’n’roll, repress) 
The Rock And Roll Bitches – Wild West (Canadian  1980 )
The Hot Nasties – The Invasion Of The Tribbles (1980)
[please remember many of these Fan Club releases are limited editions]

 12” Vinyl
Adolescents ‘Complete Demos 80-86’ (Red Vinyl Ltd Ed on Frontier)
Adolescents ‘s/t’  (The blue album 2005 ltd ed blue marble vinyl repress)
Against Me ‘As the Eternal Cowboy’ (Gatefold sleeve)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed ‘Agorapocalypse’ (super ltd ed clear vinyl with rad booklet)
Aztec Camera ‘Backwards and Forwards” (US only 10” EP with die cut sleeve)
Black Flag ‘Damaged’ (must have classic HC/Punk, don’t let your record collection suck)
Black Flag ‘First 4 Years’ (must have classic HC/Punk, don’t let your record collection suck)
Black Lips ‘200 Million Thousand’ (Sealed 2011 In the Red reissue w/gatefold sleeve)
Black Lips ‘Arabia Mountain’ (Sealed 2011 Vice second pressing)
Blur ‘The Great Escape’ (Sealed remastered 180 gram 2LP – Part of their 21st Anniversary Series)
Ceremony ‘Violence Violence’(2006 colored vinyl pressing on Malfunction w/gatefold sleeve)
Chambers Brothers ‘Unbound’ (1974 reunion LP with awesome renditions of classic songs)
 Chron Gen ‘Chronic Generation’ (1993 Italian Repress w/ 4 bonus tracks)
Circle Jerks ‘Group Sex’ (90s repress on Frontier)
Cocteau Twins ‘Head Over Heals’ (Sealed 2008 Limited Edition remastered repressing on 180 gram vinyl)
Coke Bust ‘Lines In The Sand’ (XsXeX enough said, must have)
Crucial Section ‘Catch the Future (Japanese XXX bands 2005 2nd album)
D.R.I. ‘Crossover’ (Sealed Limited Edition 2010 repressing on Beer City Records)
D.R.I. ‘Dealing With It’ (Limited Edition 2003 repressing on red vinyl)
D.R.I. ‘Dirty Rotten’ (Sealed 2010 Beer City Records repressing of their first release)
Dag Nasty ‘Dag with Shawn’ ( original line recordings from 1985 with Shawn on vocals)
Defiance,Ohio ‘The Fear, The Fear, The Fear’ (colored vinyl first press No Idea Records)
Demolition ‘Mob of Wolves’ (2007 Limited Edition #’d to 200 copies w/silk screened cover)
Devo ‘New Traditionalists’ (Sealed Limited Edition 2009 repressing on clear vinyl)
Doomriders ‘Black Thunder’ (2006 First Press Black Vinyl)
Doomriders ‘Darkness Comes Alive’ (2009 First Press on Black/Grey mixed vinyl 999 copies)
Dr Know ‘Best of’ (collection 80s Mystic records comp tracks, Nardcore classics)
Dropkick Murphys ‘Signed and Sealed in Blood’ (latest double LP)
Duke Pearson ‘Wahoo’ (2009 French repress of 1965 Jazz classic)
Duran Duran ‘is there something I should know’(UK 2 song 12” w/non album b-side)
Dwight Twilley ‘Jungle’ (1984 LP feat Tom Petty)
Dwight Twilley ‘Twilley’ (1979 first solo LP feat Phil Seymour)
Dwight Twilley ‘Wild Dogs’ (1986 solo LP)
Dwight Twilley Band ‘Twilley Don’t Mind’ (includes original inner sleeve)
Dystopia ‘s/t’ (2008 Ltd ed clear vinyl pressing on Life Is Abuse)
Eddie and the Subtitles ‘Fuck You Eddie’ (Sealed 2008 Comp collecting their 1980 7” as well as the best tracks from their 1981 LP – Colored vinyl)
Elliott Smith ‘Roman Candle’ (Sealed Kill Rock Stars repressing on 180 gram vinyl)
Fucked Up ‘Year of the Pig’ (12” single, first press on What’s Your Rupture?)
Fucked Up ‘Year of the Rat’ (12” single, first press on What’s Your Rupture?)
Gallows ‘Gallows’ (2012 UK Hardcore bands latest on B9N)
Give up the Ghost ‘Background Music’ (colored vinyl Deathwish repress)
Give up the Ghost ‘We’re Down Til We’re Underground’ (colored vinyl Deathwish repress)
Government Issue ‘Joy Ride’ (repress on colored vinyl 80s DC hardcore classic)
Hanoi Rocks ‘Bangkok Shocks/Saigon Shocks’ (US first press on PVC Records, 1981 debut)
Hanoi Rocks ‘Self Destruction Blues’ (US first press on PVC Records)
Hope Conspiracy ‘Death Knows Your Name’ (Deathwish repress on ltd ed. gold/clear w/gold splatter vinyl)
Husker Du ‘Land Speed Record’ (90s SST Repress, their debut album, recorded live in 81)
In Control ‘The Truth Hurts’ (clear vinyl early press, Nardcore from 2003)
In Control ‘The Truth Hurts’ (grey vinyl early press, Nardcore from 2003)
Jill McManus ‘Symbols of Hopi’ (1984 jazz album combining Hopi dance ritual songs with a jazz element)
Joy Division ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ (Ltd Ed 12” collectors’ picture disc)
Lack of Interest ‘Never Back Down’ (2005 First Press on Deep Six)
Lana Del Rey ‘Paradise’ EP
Life’s Halt/WxHxNx? ‘Start Something’ (2001 split LP, awesome HC)
M.I.A. ‘Murder In a Foreign Place’ (US hardcore 1984, first press with red sleeve, essential)
Matt Johnson ‘Burning Blue Soul’ (1983 first album from future founder of The The, Import)
Minor Threat ‘Minor Threat’ (2008 Repress with green sleeve and $7.00 pp price on back)
Monster Squad ‘Strength through Pain’ (colored vinyl Vacaville Punk Hardcore treat)
Mr. Gasser ‘Rods n’ Ratfinks’ (Sealed Limited Edition 2011 Record Store Day reissue)
Mr. Gasser ‘Surfink’ (Sealed Limited Edition 2011 Record Store Day reissue) 
Nails ‘Obscene Humanity’ (2009 Ltd Ed debut LP/1020 copies/stickered jacket)
Parade ‘Circle of Deception’ (East Bay post punk debut from 86 feat. ex members of Pariah playing Big Country, Clash, U2,SLF, Alarm inspired rock n roll with a strong punk edge)
Plague Mass ’Union of Egoists’ (Ltd Ed 2010 white vinyl Euro Pressing/Dark Anarcho HC)
Punch ‘Push Pull’ (ltd ed. clear/black splatter on assault, euro pressing)
Punch‘s/t’ (Ltd ed. 2009 pink vinyl first press, includes insert)
Reagan Youth ‘V.1’ (1990 Reissue of NYC Punk/HC classic w/3 bonus tracks colored vinyl)
Redemption 87 ‘s/t’ (awesome Bay Area youth crew hardcore from 1995)
Residents ‘The Third Reich n Roll’ (reissue of avant garde essential)
Rick James ‘Come Get It!’ (his 1978 debut feat Mary Jane, funk/soul classic)
Roky Erickson with Okkervil River ‘True Love Casts Out All Evil’
Rondos ‘Destroy Entertainment’ (2xLP of classic material from 70s Dutch commie punks, awesome primitive art punk that spares no-one from biting commentary, for fans of Crass)
RunnAmucks ‘Inferno’ (awesome punk/hc with a heavy dose of rock n roll)
Running for Cover ‘Dark Well’ (awesome Powerviolence LP)
Samiam ‘Soar’ (Sealed 2012 New Red Archives repressing on colored vinyl)
Scientists ‘Swampland’ (OOP 2008 double LP from Spain, 80s Aussie garage greats)
Sista Sekunden ‘2006 s/t’ (their 2008 Swedish HC debut)
Skin Like Iron ‘All Human Feeling’ (mini LP with Gilman record release version #14 of 40)
Sparklehorse ‘Dream for Light Years..’ (repress of critically acclaimed indie alt esstential)
Subhumans ‘Time Flies + Rats’ (2008 Southern Records edition – Remastered from the original analogue tapes with updated artwork and poster inserts)
Subhumans ‘Worlds Apart’ (2008 Southern Records edition – Remastered from the original analogue tapes with updated artwork and poster inserts)
Switch ‘Reaching for Tomorrow’ (80s soul/funk/disco goodness)
Tear It Up /ExTxA ‘Split LP’
Tear it Up ‘Just Can’t Stand It’ (OOP 2001 Mini LP on Red vinyl w/poster insert)
The Boomtown Rats “Tonic for the Troops’ (Classic New Wave/Punk 1978)
The Died Pretty ‘Out of the Unknown’ (UK 3 song 12” of their debut single)
The Fuknotz ‘Let’s Play Scratch n Sniff..’ (goofy garage folk punk weirdness)
The Narrows ‘Painted’ (their second album)
The Shadows of Knight ‘Gloria’ (Sealed 1998 Sundazed Limited Edition remastered repressing)
The Subhumans ‘No Wishes, No Prayers’ (Canadian Punk/HC bands ill fated 1983 SST album, Ltd Ed Fanclub repress)
The Three O’Clock ‘Baroque Hoedown’ (1982 Paisley Underground debut EP)
The Tokyos ‘God Save the Emperor’ (OOP 2002 Italian Import collecting their rare 1978 10” as well as previously unreleased studio tracks)
Torch Runner ‘Locust Swarm’ (ltd ed 2010 10” out of print. metal crust hardcore)
Trash Talk‘s/t’ ( Ltd ed.  Red vinyl pressing)
Unit Pride ‘Then and Now’ (2002 Collection from Late 80s sXe band/OOP)
VA ’Reality Part #4’ (2002 Hradcore/Grind/Thrashcore/Punk comp with booklet)
Various ‘The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore’ (2012 Pop Comp assembled by co founder of Lookout Records)
Vitamin X ‘Down the Drain’ (Dutch SE Fast Core band, OOP print 2005 LP)
What Happens Next? ‘Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter’ (2000 Thrashcore classic)
Whodini ‘s/t’ (Hip Hop, Rap classic, their first album from 1983 feat Rap Machine)
XfilesX ‘Excruciation’ (2004 discography LP/out of print/sXe classic)
Y&T ‘Black Tiger’ (Bay Area Street Metal classic from 1982)
Y&T ‘Earth Shaker’ (Bay Area Street Metal)
Y&T ‘Mean Streak’ (Bay Area Street Metal)
Zounds ‘The Curse of the Zounds’ (Sealed 2011 repressing on Broken Rekids)
Black Flag ‘Los Angeles’ (80 minute Fan club DVD of their 7/6/1984 gig at Club Lingerie in Hollywood)
Black Flag ‘Philly 1982’ (Fan Club DVD of their 6/4/1982 gig at Eastside Club in Philadelphia)
Black Flag/Misfits/The Vandals (Fan Club DVD from the 6/11/1983 ‘Everything Went Black Reunion’ live at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, CA)
Circle Jerks ‘Punk Rock History’ (Fan Club DVD featuring 2 live shows: one from 1984 and one from 1986)
The Slog Movie (1981-82 Documentation of the LA/Orange Country hardcore punk scene. Interviews and performances from many bands including Circle Jerks, Redd Kross, TSOL, Fear, and many more. Contains many special features.)

Thanks, see you Saturday, bring us coffee!



Phono Select Records will be open to public once again for our Monthly sale at our new location on Saturday NOV 16th, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m.!

The entrance is located on the 19th Ave side of the building!
The vinyl LP and 7” racks are full and ready to welcome you Saturday the 16th.

Along with a fresh batch of CDs, Tapes and dollar bin records.

Our new approach involves being open to the ONE Saturday each MONTH for a set amount of hours, otherwise you can make a private appointment during the remainder of the month or just call and see if we’re in the shop.

If you’d like to stop in and shop or set up a shopping appointment  text 916.849.3647 or call 916.400.3164, we’re at the shop most Tuesdays and Thursdays from Noon-4PM.

Also contact us if your interested in selling or donating records, tapes, CDs, books or music related items.
Our new spot is located at 4370 24th Street, Unit “O” near Sacramento City College.
Plenty of free parking is available!
You can easily pull into the back lot off of 24th street across from Panama Pottery or park along 19th Avenue.
Thanks for all your continued support. Email me with suggestions and comments Dal@phonoselect.com

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, NOV 16th!
All the best!
Dal and the Phono Dudes!

4370 24TH ST UNIT O
Sacto, CA. 95822

Photos courtesy of  Melissa Uroff Photography

Flyer design by John Conley/ BLXBRIK



We thought we would share some fun Lego creations that our friends have shared with us recently!

The Ramones was created by Cadwell, check out his Flicker page for more Ramones inspired fun!

The Record store creations are by Ryan Howerter (AKA eldeeem). His flicker page is full of awesome Lego creations and art.


Phono Select


4370 24th ST UNIT O, SACRAMENTO. CA 95822



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