debbie harry.

(Hey! Psst PSST! Here she comes now.) Oh, you know her, would you look at that hair Yeah, you know her, check out those shoes



debbie harry.

(Hey! Psst PSST! Here she comes now.)
Oh, you know her, would you look at that hair
Yeah, you know her, check out those shoes




New arrivals week of: 8.9.2014

Hey Phono Select Subscribers,

August Weekend Hours Announced!

Friday August 8th Noon til 7PM
Saturday August 9th Noon til 4PM

Friday August 15th Noon til 7PM
Saturday August 16th Noon til 4PM

Friday August 22th Noon til 7PM
Saturday August 23th Noon til 4PM

Normal weekly hours are Tues-Friday Noon -5:30/6PM

We’re always  busy cleaning and pricing new records every day around these parts. Come on down to the shop hang out bring us snacks and drinks and have a listen with us. 


We will buy or take donations of all your used Vinyl /CDs / Tapes / Posters/ Zines /Buttons / Cool Toys as long as they are in great shape and aren’t your Grandpa’s old Readers Digest records.

New 7” Vinyl
[Check out the sweet list below of what’s hitting the racks Saturday this August 9th, All records are first come first serve no holds]

Alkaline Trio ‘Help Me’ (ltd Ed promo only 7”)
American Heartbreak ‘Please Kill Me’ (great SF punk n roll, 1998)
Antiseen ‘My God Can Beat Up Your God’ (live Aussie import, 1991)
Bad Brains ‘Live in TJ 1989’ (Ltd Ed Fan Club, colored vinyl)
Bad Religion ‘Covering the Songs 83-84’ (Ltd ed Fan Club, colored vinyl)
Bracket ‘BS’ (ltd ed red vinyl, bay area Husker Du sounding pop punk, 94).
Carsickness ‘For You’ (cool weird DIY punk/new wave 1982)
Charles Albright ‘I’m Happy, I’m a Genius’ (OOP, 2010 7”, black vinyl)
Charles Albright ‘Weight’ (OOP 2011 7”, Ltd Ed, numbered copy)
Christian Death ‘The Edward Colver Edition’ (ltd ed w/poster)
Dead Kennedys ‘1978 Demos’ (colored vinyl, fanclub release, cool sleeve)
Dead Silence ‘For Your Ego’s Sake’ (peace punk 1988, with huge booklet, punk/hc)
Depeche Mode ‘It’s Called a Heart’ (w/ PS, import 1985)
Depeche Mode ‘People are People/ Black Celebration’ (1989 Fran Club, live)
Depeche Mode ‘See You’ (82 UK Import)

Depeche Mode ‘Told You So / New Life’ (1989 Fran Club, live)
Groovie Ghoulies ‘Hello Hello’ (1990 2 song single, orange vinyl, rare)
Jawbreaker ‘Busy’ (lblack vinyl with light green sleeve)
JFA ‘Blatant Localism’ EP (ltd Ed repress, out of print)
Misfits ‘The Ritz, live 1981’ (colored vinyl, fanclub release, cool sleeve)
Nick Cave ‘500 Miles: Live’ (colored vinyl, fanclub release, cool sleeve)
OFF! ‘First Fours EPs’ (OOP, 4x7” box set with cool booklet)
Offspring ‘Baghdad’ (OOP. Clear vinyl press, rare, 1991)
Puncture ‘Mucky Pup’ (KBD Punk UK 1977)
Registrators ‘Monkry/Stupid Girls’ (great garagey/KBD punk from Japan)
Registrators ‘TV Hell’ (great garagey/KBD punk from Japan)
REM ‘SingleActionGreen’ (4x7” box set 1984, very cool)
Samhain ‘Bloodbrothers’ (Italian Fan Club Live 85, colored)
Screeching Weasel ‘Radio Blast’ (colored vinyl 1992)
Sick of it All ‘We Stand Alone’ EP (1991 Ltd Ed 4 song EP w/ Minor Threat cover)
Soul Rebels ‘Soul Rebel’ (early 80s SF New Wave /Pop)
Step Forward Punk 7” Box Set (10 classic late 70s UK punk 7s)
The Q Factor ‘6 song EP’ (Punk/HC)
The U.V’s ‘Dropping Bombs’ EP (Aussie guitar rock n roll from the 80s)
Toxic Reasons ‘Ghost Town’ (ltd ed repress, out of print)
VA ‘NME 2/86’ (free 4 track comp from 86)
VA ‘World in Shreds’ (1989 comp with Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine, Moral Crux)
Various ‘Viva Chicago’ (Chicago Pop punk split, Bollweevils/88 Fingers Louie)
Velvet Underground ‘Singles 1966-69’ (7” box set of all their 60s singles)

New 12” Vinyl
[Check out the sweet list below of what’s hitting the racks Saturday this August 9th, All records are first come first serve no holds]

 ‘O’ Level ‘Pseudo Punk’ (TVP related, indie/DIY/Punk classic)
7 Seconds ‘The Crew’ (classic Punk/HC, repress white center labels, blue writing)
Autistic Behavior ‘Shattered Cattle’ (Ltd ed LP, unreleased 82 Punk/HC LP)
BAD ‘Just Play Music’ (12” with rad picture sleeve)
BAD ‘No.10, Upping Street’ (ex Clash, Thunders, prod. By Joe Strummer)
Beastie Boys ‘Paul’s Boutique’ (original 1989 Capitol records press 4 panel sleeve)
Bette Mclauren ‘The Masquerade Is Over’ (Euro comp of all her 51-59 singles)
Black Mountain‘s/t’ (sealed copy)
Bob Dylan ‘Greatest Hits’ (1967 ‘360’ Sound Stereo Pressing/ no poster)
Bon Jovi ‘Slippery When Wet’
Bruce Springsteen ‘Wrecking Ball’ (2012 studio album, double LP)
Cage ‘The Left Hand Path’ (2002 6 track east coast hip hop 12”)
Camper Van Beethoven ‘II & III’ (OG pressing)
Camper Van Beethoven ‘Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart’
Camper Van Beethoven ‘s/t’ (third LP)
Camper Van Beethoven ‘Telephone Free Landslide Victory’ (2nd press)
Champion ‘Time Slips Away’ (Sky Blue vinyl, XXX)
Cheap Trick ‘Heaven Tonight’ (with printed inner sleeve)
Christ on Parade ‘Sounds of Nature’ (repress)
Circle Pit ‘Bruised Constellation’ (Noisy Aussie Duo, very cool record)
City and Colour ‘Sometimes’ (ltd pressing, double LP, gatefold sleeve, OOP)
Coloured Balls ‘Ball Power’ (reissue Aussie RnB fueled Street Glam Rock n Roll 73)
Dave Gahan ‘Hourglass’ (2007 double LP, Depeche Mode related)
David Lee Roth ‘Eat ‘Em and Smile’
Dead Western ‘Everything Eternally’ (Sacto Gothic Psych Folk, German only release)
Deftones ‘Deftones’ (Black translucent marble vinyl, ltd ed version)
Deftones ‘Diamond Eyes’ (white vinyl, ltd ed version of 2000)
Desert Sessions ‘Volume II and IV’ (colored vinyl fan club press on 12”)
Desert Sessions ‘Volume V and VI’ (colored vinyl fan club press on 12”)
Dire Straits ‘Brothers in Arms’
Dire Straits ‘Making Movies’
Doses ‘s/t’ (Bakersfield post/punk duo, think Big Black meets Jesus Lizard)
DYS ‘Brotherhood’ (2012 colored vinyl repress, 1983 Boston HC XXX)
Earth Crisis ‘Gomorrah’s Seasons Ends’ (ltd colored vinyl repress)
Electro Group ‘Historical Contest’ (Sacto shoegaze, dream-pop goodness)
Eurythmics ‘Revenge’
Fan Modine ‘Gratitude for the Shipper’ (Ltd Ed, 100 copies version, indie folk pop)
Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumors’ (OG pressing, no barcode, with hard insert)
Focused Minds ‘The Fact Remains’ (great XXX album, 300 copies)
Fucked Up ‘Couple Tracks’ (awesome 2011 double album)
FUZZ ‘s/t’ (Psych/Garage/Space Rock project from Ty Segall)
Gang of Four ‘Live at the Palace’ (1984 live LP recorded in LA on last tour)
Generation Suicida ‘Con La Muerte A Tu Lado’ (cool East LA punk/HC)
Harry Mosco (Funkees) ‘For You Specialy’ (Ltd Ed, awesome afro beat/funk 77)
Huey Lewis and the News ‘Sports’
Husker Du ‘Candy Apple Grey (OG Pressing)
Husker Du ‘Flip Your Wig’ (OG pressing 1985, no barcode)
Husker Du ‘Warehouse Songs/Stories’ (OG pressing, double LP)
Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet ‘s/t’ (improvisional Jazz/World/Funk)
Iron Maiden ‘Live after Death’ (85 double LP, w printed sleeves and booklet)
Jonathan Meiburg ‘Why I Love My Home’ (ltd Ed experimental indie folk)
KISS ‘Alive!’ (OG pressing with booklet, order form, no picture inner sleeves)
KISS ‘Gene Simmons’ (OG Pressing with inner sleeve/ No poster, order form or insert)
KISS ‘Peter Criss’ (OG Pressing with inner sleeve nad insert / No poster or order form)
KT Tunstall ‘Drastic Fantastic’ (Euro only pressing, ltd Ed)
Liverpool Echo ‘s/t’ (repress. Ltd Ed, 1973 Beatles inspired power pop gem)
Losin It ‘No Apology’ (first press 274 copies colored, XXX)
Madonna ‘Hanky Panky’ (sealed 12” single, 1990)
Manual Scan ‘All Night Scan!’ (collection, San Diego MOD/Power Pop early 80s)
Mitchel Forman ‘Train of Thought’ (sealed copy, jazz piano/keyboards)
Molly Hatchet ‘Beatin’ the Odds0
Morrissey ‘Interesting Drug’ (OG 1989 US pressing, 12” EP)
Morrissey ‘Ouija Board’ (OG 1989 US pressing,12” EP)
Morrissey ‘Suedehead’ (OG 1988 US pressing, 12” EP)
Morrissey ‘Viva Hate’ (OG 1988 US pressing)
NAGG ‘s/t’ (great Bay Area female fronted Garage rock n roll ala Joan Jett/Muffs)
Nakatani Tiner Drake ‘Ritual Inscription’ ((improvisional Jazz/percussion/experimental)
Native Tongue ‘Blame it Gravity’ (OOP Italian comp of this 80s Boston Post Punk band)
New Toys ‘Better Late Then Never’ (OOP 80s NYC Thunders/Bators inspired punk/pop)
Niki & the Dove ‘the Fox’ (Sealed copy, Swedish Electro duo 2011 12”)
OFF! ‘Wasted Years’ (ltd ed OOP Red vinyl pressing of 2000 copies)
Oingo Boingo ‘Only a Lad’ (1981 debut, new wave/punk classic)
Old Firm Casuals ‘for the love of it all’ (OOP. Ltd ed, double singles comp)
OutKast ‘Southernplaylisticadillacmuzik’ (ltd ed numbered repress, OOP)
Pagans ‘what’s this shit? 77/79’ (unreleased recordings, ltd ed, OOP)
Pete Townshend ‘Give Blood’ (1985 UK import 12”, sealed copy w/David Gilmour)
Peter King ‘Oma Lewa’ (ltd Ed colored vinyl press of 350, awesome afro beat/funk 76)
Peter Murphy ‘Blind Sublime’ (5 track 12” EP from his 88 album Love Hysteria)
Peter Murphy ‘Blind Sublime’ (white label promo copy, 5 tracks)
Power Station ‘s/t’ (Duran Duran related)
Protex ‘Strange Obsessions’ (long lost unreleased IRISH punk/power pop, must have)
Psychdelic Furs ‘Mirror Moves’
Public Image Ltd. (PIL) ‘Album’ (OG 85 pressing w/inner sleeve)
Public Image Ltd. (PIL) ‘Happy?’
RATT ‘Out of the Cellar’ (1984 debut LP)
RF7 ‘87’ (1987 album after reforming, So Cal HC/Punk legends)
Running ‘Asshole Savant’ (Chicago Garage/Basement punk/HC kind of like Mayyors)
Sbarro Hottopic ‘Lazer Comb’ (ltd 10” comedy crank calls EP)
Scorpions ‘World Wide Live’ (85 double live album)
She ‘Outta Reach’ (Fan Club pressing, Sacto female garage bands from late 60s)
Simple Minds ‘Don’t You (Forget about me)’ (UK 12” long version with p/s)
Skinny Puppy ‘Addicction’ (Hard to find 87 12”)
Skinny Puppy ‘Cleanse Fold and Manipulate’ (OG 1987 US press)
Skinny Puppy ‘Digit’ (First 12”, OG US pressing)
Skinny Puppy ‘Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse’ (1986 US OG press)
Skinny Puppy ‘Remission’ (1986 mini album debut, OG Canadian pressing)
Sonic Youth ‘Bad Moon Rising’ (OG pressing)
Sonic Youth/Lydia Lunch ‘Death Valley 69’ (OG pressing, 1985)
Static Faction ‘Hindi Rock Punk Raga’ (cool 90s Bay Area noisy/psych/punk/ HC)
Steve Vai ‘Flexable’ (sealed copy)
Strife ‘In This Defiance’ (XXX, ltd Ed colored vinyl represses)
Subhumans ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’ (ltd repress on colored vinyl w/poster)
Subhumans ‘Time Flies: But Aeroplanes Crash’ (ltd repress on colored vinyl w/poster)
Subhumans ‘Worlds Apart’ (ltd repress on colored vinyl w/poster)
Sutkeh Hexen ‘Luciform’ (creepy dark/noise/ambient/black metal/experimental)
The Avengers ‘s/t’ (1983 red vinyl pressing of their pink cover album)
The Clash ‘Combat Rock’ (first pressing with commercial and custom center labels)
The Clash ‘London’s Burning’ (fan club release demos and outtakes. Yellow wax)
The Clash ‘Story of the Clash’ (OOP, double anthology LP with notes from JOE)
The Cramps ‘Bad Music for Bad People’ (first pressing US)
The Cramps ‘Date with Elvis’ (UK pressing with printed lyric sleeve)
The Cramps ‘Psychedelic Jungle’ (2rd US IRS pressing, 1982)
The Cramps ‘Songs the Lord Taught Us’ (3rd US IRS pressing, 1982)
The Fixx ‘Shattered Room’
The Hooters ‘Nervous Night’
The Jook ‘Jook Rule’ (comp of 70s UK Glam/Proto Punk bands studio recordings)
The Lucy Show ‘Mana’
The Nerves ‘Live! At the Pirates Cove 1977’ (out of print colored vinyl pressing)
The Nihilistics ‘s/t’ (ltd ed repress of this negative NYCHC classic 1983 w/ booklet)
The Outfield ‘Play Deep’
The Plimsouls ‘A Million Miles Away’ (Shaky City 12” original version)
The Plimsouls ‘Everywhere at Once’ (classic Geffen records album, power pop classic)
The Plimsouls ‘s/t’ (1981 debut)
The Pogues ‘Poguetry In Motion’ (4 song EP, 1986)
The Pogues ‘Red Roses for Me’ (1984 debut, OG US pressing on Enigma)
The Prime Movers ‘Museum’ (80s LA alt/psych/indie band /paisley underground sound)
The Raveonettes ‘Observator’ (unrated fuzz/beat pop gem, 2012)
The Shivvers ‘s/t’ (AWESOME power pop/punk collection 79-81, love it!)
The Smiths ‘Ask’ (US OG pressing, 12”)
The Smiths ‘Hatefull of Hollow’ (OG UK pressing in awesome shape)
The Smiths ‘Meat Is Murder’ (OG US pressing in awesome shape)
The Smiths ‘Panic’ (US OG pressing, 12”)
The Smiths ‘Rank’ (OG US pressing in awesome shape)
The Smiths ‘s/t’ (OG US pressing in awesome shape)
The Smiths ‘Sheila Take a Bow’ (UK Import 12”)
The Smiths ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’ (OG US pressing in awesome shape)
The Smiths ‘The Queen Is Dead’ (OG US pressing in awesome shape)
The Smiths ‘The World Won’t Listen’ (OG UK pressing in awesome shape)
The Stooges ‘Fun House’ (1982 single sleeve pressing, what a great record)
The Tunes ‘Love Uncool’ (1982 unreleased power pop gem, ltd ed)
The Who ‘Who are You’
Til Tuesday ‘Everything’s Different’
Topper Headon ‘Drumming Man’ (Euro 12’ from his 1985 solo LP)
Toxic Reasons ‘Live 81 Berkeley, CA’ (ltd Ed live LP, unreleased songs)
Tragedy ‘s/t’ (PDX HC/Crust/d-beat goodness)
True Colors ‘Focus on the Light’ (Euro XXX, clear/white X vinyl press)
VA ‘America’s Hardcore’ (blue vinyl w/20 page booklet, awesome comp)
VA ‘Oi! This is Street Punk! V.4’ (Ltd Ed colored vinyl)
VA ‘Radio Ready: Wisconsin’ (Power Pop comp 79-82, ltd Ed, OOP)
VA ‘Reefer Madness’ (1979 Stash records comp of 20s/30s blues and early jazz)
Various ‘Bo Did It!’ (awesome come of 50s/60s Bo Diddly beat rock n roll, wild)
Verbal Assault ‘Trial’ (great late 80s East Coast Punk/HC)
Warzone ‘Ols School to New School’ (colored vinyl)
Widespread Panic ‘Free Somehow’ (Out of print 2008 red vinyl first press)
Wire ‘the Ideal Copy’ (US pressing w/gatefold sleeve)
Wounded Lion’s/t’ (2009 debut, cool LA Art Punks)
X ‘Aspirations’ (KBD Aussie punk, 2010 hand painted sleeve, tour ed, 300 copies)
Youth of Today ‘We’re Not in This Alone’ (2012 Red vinyl ltd ed w/foldout)



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New arrivals week of: 7.5.2014

Hey Phono Select Subscribers,

July Weekend hours are as follows:

July 4th Friday -Closed/Holiday
July 5th Saturday Noon-4PM

Friday July 18th til 8PM
Saturday July 19th Noon til 4PM

Saturday July 26th Noon til 4PM

Normal weekly hours are Tues-Friday Noon -5:30/6PM

We’re always  busy cleaning and pricing new records every day around these parts. Come on down to the shop hang out bring us snacks and drinks and have a listen with us. 


We will buy or take donations of all your used Vinyl /CDs / Tapes / Posters/ Zines /Buttons / Cool Toys as long as they are in great shape and aren’t your Grandpa’s old Readers Digest records.

New 12” Vinyl
[Check out the sweet list below of what’s hitting the racks Saturday this July 5th, All records are first come first serve no holds]

AC/DC ‘Back in Black’
AC/DC ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’
AC/DC ‘Fly On The Wall’
Adam and the Antz ‘Family of Noise’ (Fanclub LP 1978 Decca studio demos)
Adolescents ‘Welcome to Reality’ (10” version on colored vinyl)
Agent Orange ‘Living in Darkness (colored vinyls repress)
Al Greene ‘Greatest Hits’
Alphaville ‘The Singles Collection’
Alvin Lee/Mylon LeFevre ‘On the Road to Freedom’ (1973 US pressing)
Ariel Pink’s ‘Haunted Graffiti 5’
Baltimora ‘Living in the Background’ (80s Italian/Irish new wave band)
Beat Happening ‘s/t’ (repress0
Beatles ‘Abby Road’ (w/ Apple label)
Blunt Mechanic ‘World Record’ (Kind of like Spitting related)
Brain Rash ‘the Decay Is Becoming Comforting’ (Sacto/Oakland punk crust HC)
Captain Beefheart ‘The Spot Light Kid’ (early US pressing w/tan labels)
Carl Perkins ‘The Unissued’ (1990s Italian comp unreleased early Rockabilly material)
Colourbox ‘Baby I Love You So’ (4AD 12”)
Consolidated ‘s/t’ (Industrial Hip Hop from the late 80s)
Crime “Hate us or Love Us We Don’t Give a Fuck’ (1990 ltd ed repress)
David Rea ‘Slewfoot’ (1973 Country Rock album with help from members of the Dead)
Dayglow Abortions ‘Out of the Womb’ (Repress of their 1981 debut)
Dead Can Dance ‘Spleen and Ideal’ (1985 original pressing)
Descendents ‘Everything Sucks’ (OOP Epitaph LP from 1996)
Descendents ‘I don’t Want to Grow Up’ (repress)
Descendents ‘Milo Goes to College’ (repress)
Destruction ‘Mad Butcher’ (1988 ltd ed colored vinyl EP)
DEVO ‘Freedom of Choice’
Die Toten Hosen ‘Big Nightmare Continues’ (10” of classic punk covers)
DIF JUZ ‘Out of the Trees’ (4AD Post Punk/Reggae Dub from 1986)
Dustheads ‘Little Pieces’ (cool Brooklyn HC/Punk band)
Earth ‘A Bureaucratic Desire for Capsular Extraction’ (2010 pressing)
Econochrist ‘Ruination’ (1990 debut full length w/ fold out)
Eek-A-Mouse ‘EEK-OLOGY’ (cool collection of hits and rarities)
Executioner ’In the Name of Metal’ (1986 Boston Thrash Metal)
Flaming Lips ‘Oh My Gawd’ (colored vinyl repress)
Fleetwood Mac ‘Live’
Fleetwood Mac ‘Mirage’
Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumors’
Fleetwood Mac ‘s/t’
Fucked UP ‘David’s Town’ (cool 2011 RSD release)
Gen X ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ (feat one their best tracks ‘Stars Look Down’)
Grateful Dead ‘Workingman’s Dead’
Grave Digger ‘War Games’ (1986 German Speed Metal)
Harry Nilsson ‘Greatest Hits’
Honey Ltd ‘The Complete LHI Recordings’ (awesome 60s sunshine pop)
Husker Du ‘Candy Apple Grey’ (1986 WB pressing)
Iggy and the Stooges ‘Metallic KO’ (1999 Spanish ltd ed repress)
Iggy Pop ‘New Values’ (1979 solo album)
Iggy Pop ‘Solider’ (1980 solo album with ex Sex Pistol Glen Matlock)
Iggy Pop ‘The Idiot’ (1977 solo album)
Iggy Pop ‘Zombie Birdhouse’ (1982 solo album feat members of Blondie)
Iggy Pop and James Williamson ‘Kill City’ (Ltd ed repress with poster)
Iron Maiden ‘The Final Frontier’ (Sealed copy of double picture disc pressing)
Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg ‘Je T ‘Aime’ (1979 US pressing)
John Moore /Expressway ‘Out of my Mind’ (Jesus and Mary Chain related)
Johnny Cash ‘Heart of’ (1968 20 track best of double LP w/rad cover)
Jonathan Richman ‘Jonathan Sings’ (1983 Sire LP)
King Tubby ‘King of Dub’ (77-79 Dub sides comp)
LaVern Baker ‘s/t’ (Italian collection of her rockin sides from 53-62)
Lee Perry ‘The Sound Collector ’(72-78 Dub plates collection)
Life Sentence ‘s/t’ (Chicago Punk/HC from 1986)
Lou Reed ‘The Best of: Walk on the Wild Side’ (1980 best of LP)
Lounge Lizards ‘s/t’ (cool NYC based avant-garde Jazz Bop Rock)
Marianne Faithfull ‘Broken English’ (awesome record, dark and brooding)
McCarthy ‘Banking Violence’
McCarthy ‘I Inherit the Earth’
Miles Davis/Marcus Miller ‘Siesta’ (cool 1987 soundtrack LP)
MOD ‘USA for MOD’ (NYC Thrash Hardcore, 1987)
Morning ‘Struck Like Silver’ (60s/70s Bay Area Folk/Psych/Rock)
MRR ‘Noise Ordinance’ (Bay Area Punk Comp)
Murphy’s Law ‘s/t’ (OG Pressing on green vinyl NYHC)
Murphy’s Law ‘The Best of Times’ (ltd ed colored vinyl repress)
Nico ‘The End..’ (Repress of her awesome 1974 album)
Nina Hagen ‘NunSexMonkRock’ (OG 1982 press, one of the best records ever)
Niney the Observer ‘Messages from Trenchtown’ (70s Observer label comp)
Nirvana ‘Almost Everything –the BBC Sessions’ (Fanclub ltd ed)
No Bunny ‘Raw Romance’ (ltd ed unreleased material collection)
Pelican ‘What We All Come to Need’ (colored vinyl)
Pitch Black ‘s/t’ (cool Death Punk from the Bay Area from 2002)
Queen ‘Greatest Hits’
Queen ‘Hot Space’
Queen ‘News of the World’
Quincy Jones ‘The Pawnbroker’ (cool Jazz score)
Rancid ‘Let’s Go’ (double 10” version)
Randy ‘Randy the Band’ (2005 album Swedish punk cool guys)
Reach the Sky ‘So Far from Home’ (Boston sXe hardcore goodness)
Red Box ‘The Circle & The Square’ (80s New Wave band)
Residents ‘Kawi-Liga’ (1986 Euro 12” Dance Mix of the Hank Williams tune)
Robot Has Werewolf Hand ‘The Endless’ (2003 mini-LP punk/hc/crust)
Rolling Stone ‘Tattoo You’
Rolling Stones ‘Exile on Main St’ (1987 repress)
Saxon ‘Crusader’ (autographed copy)
SGM ‘Aggression’ (80s Seattle punk/metal party band)
Shannon and the Clams ‘Sleep Talk’
Siouxsie and the Banshees ‘Cities in Dust’ (12” EP with exclusive versions)
Sleater-Kinney ‘Dig Me Out’ (1997 early pressing no barcode)
Small Brown Bike ‘Fell & Found’ (really good album)
SNFU ‘..and no one else wanted to play’ (1985 Euro press with bloody cover)
Soul Asylum ‘Clam Dip and Other Delights’
Soul Asylum ‘Hang Time’ (Dal loves this album)
Soul Asylum ‘Say What You Will..’
Soul Asylum ‘While You Were Out’
Steel Pulse ‘Reggae Greats’ (comp from 1984 of hits)
Stevie Ray Vaughan ‘The Axe That Grinds’ (hard to find fanclub live LP w/ great sound)
T. Rex ‘2fer’ (1972 German double LP of their first two records)
T. Rex ‘Electric Warrior’ (import pressing)
Talking Heads ‘Little Creatures’
Talking Heads ‘Speaking In Tongues’
Talking Heads ‘True Stories’
The Adolescents‘s/t’ (Ltd Collectors Edition picture disc of their blue album)
The Biters ‘Wooden Glove ‘(Young Governor related)
The Black and Whites ‘s/t’ (Ramones inspired garage punk)
The Black Angels ‘Passover’ (psych garage goodness)
The Black Angels ‘Phosgene Nighmare’ (10” ltd Ed RSD OOP)
The Black Angels ‘Phospene Dream’ (psych garage goodness)
The Boys ‘In Concert’ (OOP Japanese BBC sessions LP)
The Boys ‘To Hell with the Boys’ (77 punk 2000 Italian repress)
The Church ‘s/t’ (US pressing with altered track listing of their Aussie debut)
The Clash ‘Black Market Clash’ (10” from 1980)
The Clash ‘London Calling’ (Early pressing with printed inner sleeve)
The Dickies ‘Paranoid’ (3 song white vinyl 10” from 1978)
The Feelies ‘Crazy Rhythms’ (OG 1980 Stiff US pressing)
The Heartbreakers ‘Live at Mothers’ French Import of an early 1976 gig with Hell and Thunders)
The Kits ‘Primitive Tales’ (Aussie Rock n Rollers with a Saints vibe)
The Leather Nun ‘I Can Smell Your Thoughts’ (12” remix EP)
The Meatmen ‘We’re the Meatmen’ (Repress)
The Mighty Lemon Drops ‘Happy Head’ (cool 80s English jangle pop)
The Mighty Lemon Drops ‘Out of Hand’ (cool 80s English jangle pop)
The Mighty Lemon Drops ‘World without End’ (cool 80s English jangle pop)
The Misfits ‘Static Age’
The Mummies ‘Play Their Own Record’ (Garage punk greatness)
The Naked Into ‘Here Comes The World’ (cool Bay Area Post Punk from 86)
The Only Children ‘Change of Living’ ( KS band with members of the Anniversary)
The Pretenders ‘Get Close’ (1986 album)
The Raspberries ‘Fresh’
The Three O’Clock ‘Arrive Without Traveling’
The Wasps ‘This Waspunk’ (77 English punk)
Third World ‘Rock the World’
Tiffany’s Shade ‘s/t’ (repress, 60s psych pop/folk)
Tom Waits ‘Franks Wild Years’
Tom Waits ‘Nighthawks at the Diner’
TOOL ‘Opiate’ (repress)
Torche ‘In Return’ (10” w/CD)
TRUST ‘Ideal’ (French metal band, 1983 album)
Twisted Sister ‘You Can’t Stop Rock n Roll’ (Their best awesome street metal)
U2 ‘October’
U2 ‘War’(OG with gatefold sleeve)
VA ‘50’ (Stardumb Records Pop Punk comp)
VA ‘500 Miles to Glory’ (Gearhead Records Rock n Roll comp 1995)
VA ‘I Thrash Therefore I Am’ (vinyl pressing of cool 1985 punk/HC tape)
VA ‘Killed by Epitaph’ 9(awesome KBD style Dutch Punk/HC comp)
VA ‘No New York’ (repress of legendary NYC No Wave comp from 78)
VA ‘Pure British Pop V.1’ (KBD style Power Pop/Mod Pop comp)
VA ‘Rhythm Come Forward’ (reggae essentials comp)
VA ‘Straight or Gay’ (Jazz comp from 1924-1941 of songs about sex)
VA ‘Tantrum’ (LA 80s/90s Alt/Punk comp with Groovie Ghoulies)
VA ‘They Pelted Us with Rocks and Garbage’ (awesome Cleland punk comp)
VA ‘Where the Birdmen Flew’ (Aussie KBD style early punk comp)
Wasted Youth ‘Get Out of My Yard’ (OG  pressing)
Wilderness Road ‘s/t’ (cool as heck late 60s early 70s Chicago based subversive hippies)
Wolves in the Throne Room ‘Malevolent Grain’ (2 Track EP from 2009)

Don’t forget to check the blog for visual updates and goings on at the shop. 

More Info at PHONOSELECT.COM  or call 916.400.3164

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New Stuff: May 23

Don’t you want to get out of the house and go record shopping? 

Hey we’re open today til 8pm and tomorrow from 10am til 2-3pm. 
Here is some of the rad stuff that hit the racks today!

12” Vinyl

Adam and the Ants ‘Prince Charming’
Aerosmith ‘Permanent Vacation’
Alcatrazz ‘No Parole for Rock n Roll’
Annihilation Time ‘II’
Annihilation Time ‘Tales of the Ancient Age’
Authorities ‘Puppy Love’
Barreracudas ‘Nocturnal Missions’
Battalion of Saints ‘Best of’
Bauhaus ‘Bella Lugosi’s Dead’
Beat Rodeo ‘Staying up Late’
Black Sabbath ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’
Black Sabbath ‘V.4’
Black Sabbath ‘We Sold Our Soul for Rock n Roll’
Christie ‘Yellow River’
Damned ‘Black Album’
David Bowie ‘Tonight’
Decembers Children ‘s/t’
Del the Funky Homosapien ‘if you must’
Detroit Cobras ‘Mink Rat or Rabbit’
DEVO ‘Freedom of Choice’
Dillinger Four ‘Situationist Comedy’
Dolly Parton ‘World of’
Dr Know ‘Best of’
Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumors’
Fleetwood Mac ‘Tusk’
Girlschool ‘Hit and Run’
Gossip ‘Movement’
Gossip ‘Standing in the Way of Control’
Grateful Dead ‘Shakedown Street’
Grateful Dead ‘Wake of the Flood’
Heart ‘Dreamboat Annie’
Hirax ‘Raging Violence’
Hollywood Stars ‘s/t’
Integrity ‘Systems Overload’
Jethro Tull ‘This What’
Jimmie Rivers & the Chrokees’ Brisbane Bop’
Journey ‘Dream, After Dream’
Judas Priest ‘Defenders of the Faith’
Judas Priest ‘Point of Entry’
Kanye West ‘Heard Em’ Say’
Kanye West ‘Touch the Sky’
Kreator ‘Extreme Aggression’
Kris Kristofferson ‘Please Don’t Tell Me How…’
Lil Runt ‘Goodbye Burrito Bridge’
Los Lobos ‘How Will the Wolf Survive’
Marty Robbins ‘Greatest Hits’
Marty Robbins ‘Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs’
Marty Robbins ‘In The Wild West Part 3’
Metallica ‘Garage Days’
Miles Davis ‘Directions’
Moby Grape ‘Great Grape’
Moving Targets ‘Fall’
Pharcyde ‘Frontline’
Royal Guardsman ‘Merry Snoopy’s Christmas’
Run DMC ‘King of Rock’
Rush ‘2112’
Rush ‘A Farewell to Kings’
Rush ‘A Show of Hands’
Rush ‘Fly by Night’
Rush ‘Grace under Pressure’
Rush ‘Hemispheres’
Rush ‘Hold Your Own’
Rush ‘Moving Pictures’
Samiam ‘s/t’
Saxon ‘Anthology’
Soundtrack ‘Our Man Flint’
Soundtrack ‘Sorcerer’
Soundtrack ‘Star Trek’
Soundtrack ‘The Empire Strikes Back’
Stevie Ray Vaughan ‘Live Alive’
Stevie Ray Vaughan ‘Soul to Soul’
Stevie Ray Vaughan ‘Texas Flood’
Stiff Little Fingers ‘All the Best’
Tammy Wynette ‘It’s Just a Matter of Time’
Tangerine Dream ‘Exit’
Tangerine Dream ‘Pergamon’
Tangerine Dream ‘Phaedra’
Tangerine Dream ‘Tangram’
The Clash ‘s/t’
The Doors ‘13’
The Doors ‘Doors’
The Doors ‘Greatest Hits’
The Doors ‘Morrison Hotel’
The Doors ‘Strange Days’
The Doors ‘The Soft Parade’
The Jam ‘In the City’
The Jam ‘Sound Affects’
The Motors ‘Approved by’
The Soft Boys ‘Underwater Moonlight’
The Superfine Dandelion ‘s/t’
The Who ‘Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy’
Thin Lizzy ‘The Japanese Compilation’
Tim Buckley ‘Dream Letter’
Tribe Called Quest ‘Tribe Vibe’
U2 ‘Rattle and Hum’
UK Subs ‘A.W.O.L.’
UK Subs ‘Another Kind of Blues’ (picture disc)
VA ‘Northwest Battle of the Bnads/Flash and Crash’
Various ‘Big One’ (90s So Cal/Nor Cal punk comp)
Various ‘Hardcore Breakout USA’
Various ‘Total Destruction’
Varukers ‘Another Religion Another War’
Wendy O Williams ‘s/t’
Wu-Tang Clan ‘presents Deadly Darts’
Y & T ‘Black Tiger’

7” Vinyl

Melvins ‘Antivermin’
Melvins ‘Black Stooges’
Melvins ‘Brain Center’
Melvins ‘Dr. Greek’
Melvins ‘Fool’
Melvins ‘Judas Chang’
Melvins/Cosmic Psychos ‘Gearhead Split’
SNFU ‘Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy EP’

Cassettes Tapes

Big Audio Dynamite ‘No.10 Upping Street’
Bob Marley ‘Legend’
Bob Marley ‘Rebel Music’
Celtic Frost ‘Vanity/Nemesis’ (sampler no cover)
Coroner ‘No More Color’ (no cover/sealed copy/promo)
Coroner ‘Punishment For Decadence’ (no cover/sealed copy/promo)
Del Tha Funky Homosapien ‘I Wish My Brother George Was Here’
Destruction ‘Cracked Brain’
Etta James ‘Tell Mama’
EZO ‘Fire Fire’
Hawkwind ‘Space Bandits’
Helloween “Keeper of the Seven Keys’
Janes Addiction ‘Nothing Shocking’
Japan ‘Adolescent Sex /Obscure Alternative’
Mallet-Head ‘s/t’
Ministry ‘KEOANH’ –
Mr Bungle ‘s/t’
Prince ‘1999’
Psychedelic Furs ‘Talk Talk Talk’
Rage ‘Secrets in a Weird World’ (no cover/sealed copy/promo)
Redd Kross ‘Born Innocent’
Scanner ‘Hyperactive’ (no cover/sealed copy/promo)
Siouxsie & the B anshees ‘Peek A Boo’
Talking Heads ‘Naked’
Television ‘Adventure’
The Accused ‘Grinning Like An Undertaker’
The Cars ‘Greatest Hits’
The Clash ‘Combat Rock’
The Damned ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’
The Doors ‘L.A. Woman’
The Motors ‘Approved by the Motors’
The Tubes ‘Now’
Undertones ‘s/t’
Various ‘Punk You’ – 70s punk comp
Venetta ‘Brain Damage’ (no cover/sealed copy/promo)
Vibrators ‘Pure Mania’
XTC ‘Oranges & Lemons’

Don’t forget we’re now open during the week from noon til 5PM Tues-Friday!

Cool shows coming up in the area and other fun stuff!
MAY 23-26
Sac Music Fest incl. Lee Rocker and tons more.  Old Sacramento, all ages.
The Snobs + Phil and the Blanx + Maddive Delicious + Simple Creation.  5 pm @ Cesar Chavez Plaza, 10th and I, free, all ages.
Tera Melos + Gentlemen Surfer +  So Stressed. Witch Room, 1815 19th St, 18+.
Devildriver + Whitechapel.  8 pm @ Ace of Spades, 1417 R St, all ages, $20.
Conceived in Chaos+ Type 19 + Ruins + Reload + Strokerz + Petty Education.  8 pm @ Boardwalk, 9426 Greenback Lane, all ages. 
Jim Kelly Kung Fu Orchestra + Wurmflesh + Khaos Assault + Grievance + Fiends at Feast.  9 pm @ Starlite Lounge, 1517 21st St, 21+.

The Wimps + Media Jeweler + Vasas.  Witch Room, 1815 19th St, 18+.

Forty Winters + With Wolves + Petroglyphs + Dealey Plaza + Insurgence + Murderlicious. 6 pm @  Colony, 3512 Stockton Blvd, all ages, $10.

Metalachi.  Assembly, 10th and K, $12.

Tweak Bird + Darling Chemicalia. Witch Room, 1815 19th St, 18+.
Hammerfight + Alarms + Assbackwards. 8 pm @ Café Colonial, 3520 Stockton Blvd, all ages, $5.
Coke Bust + Rad + Rat Damage + xtomhanx.  Colony, 3512 Stockton Blvd, all ages, $10.
Radiation + Kaiten + Ssyndrom + Rad.  8 pm @ Axewave Manor, all ages.  Last Axewave show ends at 10.
DJ Dog Dick + Mexcellent + Attitude Problem.  Third Space, 946 Olive Dr, all ages.
Hammerfist + Vice + Crossface + Black Sails + Human/Nature. Colony, 3512 Stockton Blvd, all ages, #8..
Dead Bars + Bastards of Young + Civil War Rust + Bar Fly Effect.  7 pm @ Café Colonial, 3520 Stockton Blvd, $8, all ages.
Killgasm cd release + Rotten Funeral + Icon of Phobos + Bloodfog + Xenotaph.  8 pm @ On  the Y, 670 Fulton Ave, 21+, $7.
Black Flag + Cinema Cinema + HOR + Kill the Precedent.  Ace of Spades, 1417 R St, all ages, $18.
West 7’s + Skunk Funk + Clutter Family Singers + Todd Morgan and The Emblems.  8 pm @ Back 9 Bar and Grill, 7925 Arcadia Dr, Citrus Heights, $5, 18+.
Daisy Spot + Slippery Slope.   Fox and Goose, 10th and R, 21+.
Brubaker + Sicfus + Sex Rat.  9 pm @ Old Ironsides, 10th and S, $6, 21+.
Dead Bars + Pinky Promise + Capt. Amazing and the Okay I Guesses.   8 pm @ Chillanova, 802 Villanova, all ages.
Wild Ones + Monster Treasure.  Witch Room, 1815 19th St, 18+.
Dax Riggs + In the Silence.  On the Y, 670 Fulton Ave, 21+.
Burn Burn Burn + The Community + Hybrid Creeps.  Café Colonial, 3520 Stockton Blvd, all ages. 
Meatmen + KnifethruHead + Ssyndrom.  Press Club, 21st and P, 21+.
Old Man Markley + Water Tower.  Harlows, 2708 J St, 21+.
Go National.  Powerhouse Pub, Sutter St, Folsom 21+.
Bachelor of Fine Arts + Moans + Shouju Kitten.  Starlite Lounge, 1517 21st St, 21+„ $6.

Drug lords of the Avenues featuring Johnny Pea Bucks of the Swinging Utters and the Celestions @ the Fox & Goose Saturday June 21st doors at 9, $7.00


New Stuff: April 25/26th
Here is some of the rad stuff that hit the racks today!

12” Vinyl
7-Seconds ‘Walk Together Rock Together’ (UK first press with insert)
Abstract Rude/Tribe Unique ‘My Experience Is..’ (1997 12” )
AC/DC ‘Highway to Hell’ (early US pressing, no barcode)
Agnostic Front ‘Victim In Pain’ (colored vinyl repress)
Agression ‘Don’t Be Mistaken’ (80s SWkate Rock classic, early press with insert)
Angry Samoans ‘Back from Samoa’ (colored vinyl repress)
B-52’s ‘s/t’
B-52’s ‘Wild Planet’
Bad Brains ‘Build a Nation’ (tri colored vinyl gatefold sleeve)
Bl’ast ‘The Expression of Power’ (ltd ed 3LP colored vinyl reissue)
Black Flag ‘First Four Years’ (singles / EP comp)
Black Lips ‘Let It Bloom’
Blondie ‘Eat to the Beat’
Bold ‘The Search 1985-1989’ (double LP repress)
Chain of Strength ‘The One Thing That Still Holds..”
Christian Death ‘Only Theatre of Pain’ ( ltd ed pink vinyl repress from 2010)
Chuck Berry ‘London Sessions’ (German pressing with gatefold sleeve)
Cock Sparrer ‘Shock Troops’ (180g colored vinyl repress)
Converge ‘Petitioning Forever’ (colored vinyl)
Corrupted Morals ‘Cheese-It’ (80s Bay Area  punk/HC on Lookout)
Crocodiles ‘Sleep Forever’
Darlingchemicalia ‘Spun in White’ (new album from Sacto Dark Dream Pop band)
Dave Brubeck ‘Jazz at the College of the Pacific’(sealed copy)
Drive Like Jehu ‘s/t’
Echo & The Bunnymen ‘s/t’
Echo & The Bunnymen ‘Songs to Learn & Sing’
Generation X ‘Live in Osaka’ (fan club press recorded in 79)
Ghostface Killah ‘Supreme Clientele’ (clean, white label instore play promo copy)
Giuda ‘Let’s Do It Again’ (rad new LP)
Gorilla Biscuits ‘Start Today’
Gray Matter ‘Take it Back’ (awesome EP from former members of Iron Cross)
Gray Matter ‘Thog’ (1992 DC Dischord Punk/Emo/Hardcore classic)
Green Day ‘American Idiot’ (double LP)
Green Day ‘Warning:
Harry Mosco ‘Funkees’ (awesome Nigerian Afrofunk from the 1970s)
Hella ‘There is No 666 in Outer Space’ (black/orange swirl ltd ed of 250)
Hellacopters ‘Supershitty to the Max’ (Mans Ruin screened cover colored vinyl)
Iggy Pop ‘Heroin Hates You’ (fanclub double LP)
Integrity “Den of Iniquity’ (RSD 2014 colored vinyl)
INXS ‘Listen Like Thieves’ (Hard to find Mexican pressing with gatefold sleeve)
Iron Maiden ‘No Prayer for the Dying’ (US Press on red vinyl, sealed, hole punch)
Jackie Mitto ‘Wishbone’ (Repress of awesome Reggae/Soul from 1971)
Jeans Wilder ‘Totally’ (Echo drenched beach dream pop for sad and lonely nights)
Jesus and Mary Chain ‘Barbed Wire Kisses’ (1988 US Pressing Blanco Negro/WB)
Joan Jett ‘I Love Rock n Roll’ (Hard to find Mexican pressing with song titles in Spanish)
John Coltrane ‘Coltrane’s Sound’ (2010 Premium 180g repress)
Joy Division ‘Closer’ (1981 US first press on Fact with printed inner sleeve)
Killing Joke ‘Outside the Gate’ (1988 studio LP/UK Press with inner sleeve)
Kool Keith ‘Plastic World’ (12’ EP)
L.L. Cool J ‘Radio’ (OG Pressing with printed inner sleeve)
Led Zeppelin ‘II’ (1971 Columbia Records Club pressing, gatefold sleeve)
Led Zeppelin ‘III’ (70s pressing with gatefold pinwheel sleeve)
Led Zeppelin ‘Physical Graffiti’ (hard to find RCA Club version, top open sleeve)
Led Zeppelin ‘Song Remains the Same’ (double live LP from 76 with booklet)
Libido Boyz ‘Hiding Away’ (catchy late 80s Skate Punk similar to SNFU/Doughboys)
Lou Reed ‘Transformer’ (1972 Dynaflex pressing no barcode)
Method Man ‘Bring the Pain’ (OG 12” press with instrumental b-sides)
Method Man ‘Tical 2000: Judgement Day’
MFD ‘Music for the Deaf’ (Late 80s DC punk/HC really good)
Miles Davis ‘Greatest Hits’ (Columbia Records)
Misfits ‘Evilive’ (fan club picture disc pressing)
Mission of Burma ‘vs’ (original Ace of Hearts pressing)
Morrissey ‘Suedehead’ (US 12” EP with gold promo stamp and hype sticker)
Morrissey ‘Viva Hate’  (OG 88 US pressing with printed inner sleeve)
New Order ‘Brotherhood’ (first Qwest US press with no title or band name on sleeve)
New Order ‘Power Corruption Lies’ (Factory Us Pressing no barcode)
Nick Drake ‘Five Leaves Left’ ( fan club repress)
No Hope For the Kids ‘s/t’
No Means No ‘The Worldhood of the World’
Opal ‘Happy Nightmare Baby’ (members went onto form Mazzy Star)
Operation Ivy‘s/t’ (later pressing with Berkeley address and insert)
Ornette Coleman ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come’ (180 gram repress)
OutKast ‘Aquemini’ (3rd LP from 1998 triple LP, OG Pressing)
OutKast ‘ATLiens’ (2nd LP from 1996, double LP, OG Pressing)
Peter King ‘Omo Lewa’ (awesome Afrofunk/Afrobeat Jazz reissue)
Pink Floyd ‘A Collection of Great Dance Songs’
Pink Floyd ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’ ( mono fan club repress on green vinyl)
Psychic TV ‘Face the Hand of Chance’ (UK first press with poster and bonus 12”)
Raekwon ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..’ (OG 1995 pressing on double vinyl)
Rancid ‘s/t’ (Epitaph first press with insert)
REM ‘Dead Letter Office’
Rikk Agnew ‘All By Myself’ (colored vinyl repress)
Rush ‘Exit..Stage Left’
Rush ‘Permanent Waves’
Rush ‘Power Windows’
Rush ‘Signals’
Screamers ‘Demos 77-78’ (fan club record on blue vinyl)
Screeching Weasel ‘Boogadaboogadaboogada! ( Green cover Lookout pressing)
Seein Red ‘s/t’ ( early 90s political hardcore from ex members of Larm)
Sex Pistols ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’
Shotwell/Miami ‘split’ (out print LP with booklet)
Side by Side ‘You’re Only Young Once’ (repress)
Sinking Ships ‘Disconnecting’ (ltd ed Green vinyl, Seattle HC band on REV)
Siouxsie and the Banshees ‘Song from the Edge..” (Stand alone EP rarity, very hard to get)
SNFU ‘And No One Wanted to Play’ (Euro Press with bonus track)
Social Distortion ‘1945’ ( 1989 TrippleX  records 12” EP repress)
Soul Side ‘Trigger’ (DC Emo/Punk/HC from 88)
Soundgarden ‘Ultramega OK’ (first pressing SST with insert)
Stan Ridgway ‘The Big Heat’ (solo LP from Wall of Voodoo frontman)
T. Rex ‘Slider’ ( 2003 Italian pressing on red vinyl)
T.Rex ‘T. Rextasy: The Best of T. Rex, 1970-1973’
The 4Skins ‘The Good, The Bad, The 4Skins’ (first press on Secret records)
The Ballantynes ‘Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church’ (awesome Mod/Scooter Soul)
The Beat Boys ‘We Rock the House’ (Ultra rare Sacto Hip Hop from 1985)
The Body ‘I Shall Die Here’
The Business ‘Suburban Rebels’ (first press on Secret records)
The Church ‘Remote Luxury’
The Clash ‘Get Down With It’ (fan club live album from the White Riot Tour 77)
The Cure ‘Faith’ (1988 US pressing )
The Cure ‘The Head on the Door’ (1986 US pressing)
The Cure ‘The Top’ (UK Import pressing with printed inner sleeve)
The Dickies ‘Killer Clowns’ EP
The Faint ‘Danse Macabre’ (first pressing with original cover)
The Faith / Void ‘Split’ (1985 Repress with green/yellow labels and insert)
The Fat Boys ‘The Fat Boys Are Back’ (1985 sophomore LP, fun as all hell)
The Gonads ‘Live the Official Bootleg’ (double LP first press UK import)
The Lost ‘Cut Out the Heart’ (90s PA punk with a cool Dag Nasty/Descendents sound)
The Offenders ‘Endless Struggle/We Must Rebel’ (ltd ed repress of 80s HC)
The Offspring ‘Iginition’ (Epitaph first press with insert)
The Offspring ‘s/t’ (original first pressing with insert)
The Smiths ‘How Soon Is Now’ (US 12” EP with exclusive b-side and sleeve)
The Snakes ‘I Won’t Love You..’ (Cool fun LP from the Dischord crew)
The Vindictives ‘Leave Home’ (Ltd Ed Ramones tribute LP)
Therapy? ‘Troublegum’ (ltd ed UK green vinyl pressing)
Thorns ‘s/t’ (cool late 80s EC punk/HC prod. By Don Zientara)
Touche Amore ‘Is Survived By’
Touche Amore ‘Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me’
Underdog ‘The Vanishing Point (First press with insert)
Uniform Choice ‘Screaming for Change’ (repress)
Up Front ‘Spirit’ (Repress on colored vinyl classic 80s sXe HC)
VA ‘Oi! Oi! That’s Yer Lot!’ (1982 first press on Secret)
Various ‘New York Hardcore’ (first press with booklet and insert)
Various ‘State of the Union’ (cool Dischord comp from 89 with booklet)
Violent Femmes ‘3’
Wu-Tang Clan ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ ( OG 1994 12” w/ instrumental b-sides)
Wu-Tang Clan ‘Wu –Tang Forever’ (OG 1997 4LP pressing, gatefold sleeve)
Youth Brigade ‘Come Again’ (OOP EP from 1992)
Zombies ‘Odessey and Oracle’ (UK Repress on Bigbeat)
7” Vinyl
Adolescents ‘Welcome to Reality’ (ltd ed 1990 colored/numbered repress)
Battalion of Saints ‘Fighting Boys’ (Fan Club repress of their 1982 debut 12”)
Battalion of Saints ‘Second Coming’ (1991 repress on colored vinyl of 83’ EP)
Black Flag ‘1983 Demos’ (Fan Club press with fold pout Pettibon sleeve)
Chemical People ‘Are You Butt Phace?’
(Ltd ed colored vinyl, 80s LA juvenile porno pop punk)
Confuse ‘Nuclear Addicts’ (Fan Club repress of Classic 80s Japanese HC)
Confuse ‘Spending Loud Nigh’ (Fan Club repress of Classic 80s Japanese HC)
Glen Danzig ‘Who Killed Marilyn’ (fan club pressing)
Insigators ‘Live in Denmark’ (UK Anarcho bands US only live 7”)
Integrity ‘Black Heksen Rise’
Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies ‘Garf’ (Lookout Records 1999)
Misfits ‘Cough Cool’ (fan club repress with yellow p/c sleeve, red center w/small hole)
Misfits ‘Halloween’ ( fan club repress, orange vinyl, day glow sleeve, lyric insert)
Misfits ‘Halloween’ (fan club repress, black vinyl, lyric insert)
Misfits ‘Night of the Living Dead’ (fan club repress)           
Misfits ‘Spook City’ (fan club press with cool alternate versions)
Nacho Business ‘I Wanna Talk to You’ EP
OFF! ‘First EP’ (out of print debut 7” with fold out Pettibon poster)
OFF! ‘Live at Generation Records’ (OOP 2011 RSD release, 2000 pressed)
Offspring ‘They Were Born to Kill’ (Fan Club press, two songs from 1988 demo tape)
Poison Idea ‘FilthKick EP’ (ltd ed 2013 repress)
Poison Idea ‘Getting the Fear’ (RSD ltd ed colored wax!)
Poison Idea ‘Live In Vienna’ (ltd ed self released EP)
Poison Idea ‘Sub-Pop Single’ (1990 ltd ed Sub-Pop singles club release)
Potatomen ‘On the Avenue’ (really cool Smiths inspired indie pop punk)
PTL Klub ‘Living Death’ (underappreciated 80s hardcore on Mystic very good)
Rat Pack ‘EP’ ( late 80s punk/skate Oxnard goodness)
Rebel Truth ‘s/t’ (fan club repress of 80s Sacto Punk Hardcore classic)
Social Unrest ‘Making Room for Youth’ (ltd ed colored repress of 80s HC classic)
The Avengers ‘Teenage Rebel’ (ltd ed color vinyl RSD 2012 release)
The Cramps ‘Voodoo Idol’ EP (colored vinyl with fold out poster sleeve)
The Croissants ‘We’re In The Basement’ (awesome pop punk from the 916)
The Donnas/Kiss ‘Detroit Rock City’ (clear vinyl from the movie soundtrack)
V/A ‘Mystic Super Seven Sampler #2’ (colored vinyl 7 band EP, feat NOFX)
White Pigs ‘Live: Evil Stalks the Innocent’ (ultra rare live EP from 85 great HC/Punk)
Zero Boys ‘Livin In the 80s’ (2000 Panic Button/Lookout repress w/insert)




Lecherous Gaze + Rat Damage + New Wars.  Colony, 3512 Stockton Blvd, all ages, FREE,

Circle Takes the Square  + Loma Prieta + Leer + So Stressed.  8 pm @ Luigis, 1050 20th St, all ages. $10.

N.213 Group Visions + Mormon Crosses + Vasas.  Witch Room, 1815 19th St, 18+..

Tipsy Hustlers + Chris Brian Roger All Stars + The Removed. 8 pm @  Starlite, 1517 19th St, 21+, $6.

Croissants + Dad Punch + Azeotropes + Kaz Mirblouk.  Babeylon, Davis, all ages. KDVS fundraiser.


City of Vain + Shove It + Rat Damage.  9 pm @ Starlite Lounge, 1517 21st St, 21+, free.


Hatchet + Cellador + Diamond Plate. 6 pm @ Press Club, 21st and P, 21+, $8.

Outside Looking In + Crude Studs + Criminal Wave + Defense Wounds. 7 pm @  Colony, 3512 Stockton Blvd, all ages, $6

FF + Hiemal.  Third Space, 946 Olive Dr, all ages.


Stalking Distance + Dead in Seconds + Bleed by Example.  Press Club, 21st and P, 21+.


Bastards of Young + The Damage Done + Dead Dads.  8 pm @ Café Colonial, 3520 Stockton Blvd, all ages.

Amigo the Devil + Devils Train + Zach Kincaid.  Press Club, 21st and P, 21+.


Dad Punch + RocknRoll Suicides + Moslikely + Shouju Kitten.  8 pm @ Press Club, 21st and P, 21+, $6.


SWIM + Race to the Bottom + Zen Arcadia.  Starlite Lounge, 1517 21st St, 21+.

Alto! + Swimming in Bengal.  8 pm @ Luigis, 1050 20th St, all ages.

Red Light Radical.  Shine, 1400 E St, all ages, $5.

Napalm Koopa + Final Decay + Keep it from the Cops.  8 pm @ Colony, 3512 Stockton Blvd, all ages.


Noothgrush + Amarok + Lycus.  Starlite Lounge, 1517 21st St, $10, 21+.


The Enlows + the Lymbs + Thomas Hatch and Super Potion.  4 pm @ Café Colonial, 3520 Stockton Blvd, all ages.

Haunted Horses + He Whose Ox is Gored + Grill Cloth + So Stressed.  Starlite Lounge, 1517 21st St, 21+, $8.

Don’t forget we’re now open during the week from noon til 5PM Tues-Friday!





Your favorite Sacramento record store will have two extended weekend opening for April-June, that’s how much we miss you and that’s how many rad records we have to put out into the bins!

Make sure you go to our website and sign up for the newsletter to get the list of what’s being put out that weekend.


Regular hours during week are now Tues-Friday
12noon to 5:30-6PM

Here are the extended weekend dates coming up!

April Dates:

Friday 4th Noon-8pm and Saturday 5th 10am-2pm

Friday 25th Noon-8pm and Saturday 26th 10am-2pm

May Dates:

Friday 9th Noon-8pm and Saturday 10th 10am-2pm

Friday 23rd Noon-8pm and Saturday 24th 10am-2pm

June Dates:

Friday 6th Noon-8pm and Saturday 7th 10am-2pm

Friday 20th Noon-8pm and Saturday 21st 10am-2pm.

Hey Kids, sell or donate your records, tapes, cds, posters, magazines or anything pop culture/rock n roll/skateboarding related stuff to my goodie buddy over at PHONO SELECT RECORDS! He’s a heck of a guy!

Hey Kids, sell or donate your records, tapes, cds, posters, magazines or anything pop culture/rock n roll/skateboarding related stuff to my goodie buddy over at PHONO SELECT RECORDS! He’s a heck of a guy!





4370 24th ST UNIT O, SACRAMENTO. CA 95822

Entrance on 19th ave side of building!

TUES-FRI Noon-5:30PM
Saturday Noon til 4PM



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